On i.a.l.c-group.com you'll find everything you would like to urge prepared for your English exam. We offer online hone on those ranges that you just most got to progress in arrange to get your English certificate: language structure, tuning in, perusing and composing.
We are a bunch of English instructors and e-learning partners who over the final few a long time have been making online materials to assist our understudies plan for their English exams. Our objective has continuously been to work on an English learning stage that adjusts to the beat, targets, insightful, capacities, time and inspiration of each understudy.
We are well aware that every day more and more people need to certify their English either for professional reasons or as part of their educational requirements. Unfortunately, they are often unable to fit English learning in their busy schedules. With i.a.l.c-group.com you can easily improve your English skills at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
You'll be able to begin with take our online level test to check what your inexact level is, and once you know that, your can begin working on your linguistic use lessons and on the tuning in and perusing online tests of the same level until you are feeling sure sufficient for your English exam.
After you have wrapped up examining all the grammar lessons in a level, you'll be able attempt our Utilize of English tests for that level, which are like end-of-course linguistic use tests. They will be a great pointer of your advance, as well as a perfect apparatus to know which linguistic use focuses you most have to be survey.

What we provide:

Learn and practice grammar with clear explanations and tests to check your understanding.

There are many exercises and tests for different levels of grammar.

Grammar diagrams can assist you in remembering grammar more effectively.

For every grammar topic, there are three types of exercises.

You will get feedback on all of your answers so that you can understand and learn from your mistakes.

Various types of questions are used to assess your abilities in listening and reading.

Instant marking.