I.A.L.C Group follows the rules of keeping information safe, as stated in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. This Privacy Policy explains how we manage the information we collect about you when you visit our website.

Information that we gather

The type of information we collect from you is based on your actions while using our website. When you go on our website, we usually gather information in two ways: .

  1. We collect non-personal information while you use our website.
  2. The information about you that you intentionally share with us.
Non-personal data

This is information that doesn't belong to a particular person. We use Google Analytics to gather and study information about the people who visit our website, so we can learn more about who they are and what they do on our site. This helps us improve our content to match what customers want.
We also use cookies on our website. A cookie is a tiny piece of information that our computer sends to save on your computer's memory. It includes a special code that identifies you. A cookie cannot be used to get into or harm the information on your computer's hard drive. We have other companies that show ads on our website. These companies gather information about your internet browsing habits, but not personal information, to show you ads for things you might be interested in. Other companies like Google use cookies to display ads related to the websites you have visited before. Google uses cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies help Google and its partners show you ads that are related to the websites you visit. You can choose to not have personalized advertisements by going to Ads Settings.
See our Cookie Policy here.

IP addresses

IP addresses do not have personal information connected to them. We only use IP addresses to study patterns, manage our website, track how users move around, and collect overall information about user groups.

Personal information

This is information related to your name or personal identity. We only collect this information when you use our contact page to reach out to us. The information you give might include your name, email address, and other ways to contact you. We will only use the information we collect to answer your questions about what we offer.

Sharing of Data with Other Parties

We'll not offer, lease or lease your individual data to others. We'll not share your individual data with third parties but in reaction to your particular ask to do so.

Security of your information

I.A.L.C Group promises to keep your information safe. We do everything we can to keep your personal information safe by using security measures to prevent loss, unauthorized access, misuse, changes, or revealing it to others. We are not responsible for any unauthorized access to the information we have.
Please be aware that this Privacy Statement might be changed occasionally. If you want to ask anything about this paper or our rules, please get in touch with us.